Vowels of Hell Game

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We made some dice as a promotional thing for our typeface, Dragönsteel. But it turns out you can play an actual, arguably-fun game with them. Roll the 20-sided die to choose 5 consonants. Roll the 6-sided die to choose 2 vowels. If you roll the "Devil's Y"—you can go straight to hell! No, but you can either use Y or roll again. Create as many words as you can using the 7-letter pool. Battle friends under a time limit! Or hell, create your own rules that are probably more interesting than ours. 

  • Custom dice featuring our Dragönsteel typeface: (1) D20 (consonants) + (1) D6 (vowels)
  • Official rules card
  • (1) Vowels of Hell sticker
  • (1) Vowels of Hell mini pencil

Download the Official Vowels of Hell Scoresheet