By purchasing fonts from SimpleBits® LLC, you agree to the following.

Our “Super Simple License” Agreement

1. Usage
Licenses are good for any personal and/or commercial work.

2. Don’t distribute the font
So that other people could download the font for free.

3. You can modify the font, but again, please don’t distribute it
Modifying the font for personal or internal business use is totally fine.

4. Purchase the appropriate license
A Desktop License is for 1 user. A Web License is for 1 domain name with unlimited page views. Need to support more users or domains? Simply purchase extra licenses for each desktop and/or website needed.

5. Use at your own risk
SimpleBits® isn’t responsible for any damages caused by installing our fonts.

6. If you’re looking to embed the font in an app, please contact us
If your app is new with little activity, just start with a base level license. You can always reach out to us when that grows and you become famous.

7. Be kind and wash your hands
We added this during the pandemic, but it really should apply always, so we’ll keep it.