Advencher Log (2-Pack)

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Sold as a pack of two books.

Born from the urge to create something that would track my kayak, boat, and camping excursions in analog form, the Advencher Log is our flagship product — a pocket notebook designed specifically for documenting your exciting explorations.

Each book is entirely letterpress printed, Singer-sewn-bound, and numbered in Massachusetts by our friends at EM Letterpress. Each log will preserve details for 25 trips, including weather, travelers, notes, park stamps, as well as a full-page dot grid for illustrating, map-making, and treasure pin-pointing.

The leather-like cover has a pocket in the back, and we’ve stuffed it with a letterpressed bookmark that features 6 handy "Useful Skills" plus a checklist for filling in your top destinations. 

  • Made in New England
  • 50 pages, 4 × 6 inches
  • Cover: 110# Gmund Alezan Rhineoceros with back pocket
  • Pages: 70# Cougar Smooth
  • Bookmark: 65# (Duplexed) Mohawk BriteHue
  • Singer-sewn, dual-thread binding