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Unit Price
  • OpenType, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats included
  • Sold as a family containing all styles
  • Desktop = 1 user, Web = 1 domain (unlimited pageviews)
  • See our Super Simple License info
Secret Type Club 2024


How will I be notified of future typefaces, events, and other perks?
After purchase, we'll add you to our Simple Type Club secret newsletter. IMPORTANT! At checkout, check the box to subscribe to the SimpleBits® newsletter and watch your inbox to confirm your subscription.

Does the subscription renew automatically?
No, we won't renew it. We'll offer a new subscription for purchase for the following calendar year. And we hope you'll be back!

What happens if I missed some (or all) of the Secret Meetings?
We'll do our best to record the meetings and make them available to members after the event.

What licenses are included for all the fonts?
Lifetime licenses for personal and/or commercial work. Licenses are for 1 desktop user and 1 domain name with unlimited page views (if using webfonts). Need to support more users or domains? Please contact us. See our Super Simple License Agreement.

I’ve already purchased all (or most) of your fonts! Do I have to pay full price?
Send us a message with your details and we can likely arrange a discount.